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        This site was built for only ONE reason, to show the TRUE scam artists, hustlers, crooks, liars and CONVICTED DOG FIGHTERS that call themselves the Old Reg English Bulldog Assoc. or OREBA.






1) OREBA is run by Leo Romas, A.K.A. Leo Winston, A.K.A. Kwame Winston who is a CONVICTED DOG FIGHTER!!




2) Leos Romas is the operator of OREBA he is ALSO Leo Winston and also Kwame Winston creator of the "Winston Bulldog Bloodline" this gentlemen also has multiple numbers that all tie into his "non-profit" voicemail (same guy Leo Romas). For example


1-347-231-8242 1-516-204-2643 1-843-688-5098

1-646-265-4757 1-347-688-6327 1-843-568-6646 1-516-282-4591




3) OREBA claims to be a "non-profit" yet they DO NOT have permits to operate as a non-profit in any of the states listed on their site. I spoke directly with spokesmen from both states and they confirmed this. He also scammed this guy




4) OREBA claims to a rescue and downs anyone who breeds.... yet they are a kennel as well. Here's a link to his add on Merchant's Circle.  If you call the number it will send you to the ORBEA voicemail.




5) OREBA claims to be apart of the local animal shelter volunteer program with over 100 claimed volunteers yet no pictures or video..... hhmmmmm and if you click the "Rescue Webite" it takes you to another website and domain name owned by OREBA with still NO PROOF of any funds used to help 1 single animal.




6) On a more positive note they DO have a picture of the shorts or teeshirts that you can purchase from them for a small fee and they accept paypal and ALL major credit cards........




7) OREBA claims to be a Rescue yet I have NEVER seen any OTHER rescue that is willing to register pups, litters, kennels, adults...... this promotes breeding and any legit rescue knows how over populated animal shelters are.





8) OREBA claims that $5 a week will feed a dog, anyone that has EVER had a 3lb mutt knows it takes more than that to feed a dog in a HEALTHY way let alone a 100+ lb bulldog mix.




9) Also on that same volunteers page OREBA want you to STOP the No Kill Shelters! Just to clarify a NO KILL SHELTER DOESN'T KILL! Someone must not have explained that to our hard working rescuers at ORBEA.



10) I've never heard of a non-profit asking for used cell phones..... but OREBA does. Read towards the end of the rebuttal.


11) Please don't take my word for it check out both sites for yourself


12) This is what Mr. Kwame Winston.... oh I mean Leo Romas looks like.


13) Here's his youtube link for some more ignorant comments and videos.




14) Last but not least checkout OREBA at this website